Long Haul Rules:

In order to qualify for the Long Haul award pin, you have to meet the following criteria:

1. You must travel with your Camp-Inn trailer at least 5000 miles on a single trip.
2. You must post a travelogue on the Unofficial Camp-Inn Forum. (click here)
3. Your travelogue must include the following:
     a. Names (you may use first names only, for privacy)
     b. Year, Model and Number of your Camp-Inn.
     c. Tow vehicle
     d. Total Miles traveled.
     e. Number of nights or number of days.
     f. Major stops or things you saw on your trip.
     g. Pictures from your trip. (optional)
4. The format of your travelogue is not critical, you can have it in story form, or a simple list of the facts.

Scroll down for answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

  • Does the first half of the trip to pick up my Camp-Inn count towards a long haul? Sorry, but no. Unless you are ‘hauling’ your Camp-Inn it just doesn’t make sense to count those miles as part of the ‘Long Haul’.

  • Does the 5,000 miles I drove over the summer as several smaller trips count as a Long Haul? While those miles do count towards your accumulated miles, a ‘Long Haul’ must be a single trip.

  • I forgot to take any pictures of our trip to Alaska. Can I still get a pin? We would like you to show some pictures if at all possible. It makes it more interesting for others reading about your trip.

  • How many pictures should I submit? How many bananas in a bunch?

  • We drove the Trans-Siberia Highway five years ago. Do we get a pin? Yes, as long as you did it with your Camp-Inn.

  • I took several side trips to see the largest ball of twine, a life size cow carved out of butter, and into town to get groceries. (my Camp-Inn stayed at the campground) Do those miles count toward the 5000? Yes, as long as one of the “side trips” wasn’t to go home.

  • I put on 20 miles going back home 3 times for stuff I forgot to pack, does that count? If we allowed that, some people would qualify without even making it out of town. Each time you go home, the counter resets to zero.

  • We shipped our Camp-Inn to Hawaii so we could fill in our 50th state sticker. Do the miles by ship count? Only if you traveled on the same ship as your Camp-Inn. Flying doesn’t count. (This has actually been done before, but it was by ferry to Alaska)

  • We have already been on three “Long Hauls.” How many pins do we get? As long as you post three separate sets of photos and stories, you will get one pin for each trip.

  • I only went 4987.2 miles is that close enough? As the saying goes…”close only counts in horseshoes and restraining orders”…or something like that. The pin says “5000+ miles” but we aren’t going to follow you to make sure. If you say you went 5000 miles, we believe you. (remember to add those side trips.)

  • I didn’t check the odometer when I left home, how do I tell how many miles I went? You can use a map or Google maps to figure out the miles traveled when you get home. Remember to account for all the side trips. (Side trips are usually 10-20% of the trip total ) Those suckers really add up!

  • My wife and I traveled together, do we get two pins? Only one pin is awarded. If you need another one for your wife or to mount on your trailer, we will charge a small fee for the second one.

  • My teardrop is not a Camp-Inn. Can I still get a pin? Yes, but it will have to be a really, REALLY good story and you have to say repeatedly how much more fun it would have been in a Camp-Inn.

  • How can you have “Frequently Asked Questions” when you just started this? We keep asking ourselves the same thing.

  • Are these rules written in stone? We have the stone, and we started writing, but the chisel got dull and my arm got tired, so….not yet.