25,000 Total Miles Rules:

In order to qualify for the 25,000 Total Miles award pin, you have to meet the following criteria:

1. Travel a cumulative 25,000 miles with your Camp-Inn trailer in tow.
2. You must post a travelogue on the Unofficial Camp-Inn Forum. (click here)
3. Your travelogue must include the following:
     a. Names (you may use first names only, for privacy)
     b. Year, Model and Number of your Camp-Inn.
     c. Tow vehicle/vehicles
     d. Approximate number of NIGHTS or number of DAYS.
     e. Major trips or special things you did or saw.
     f. Pictures from your trips. (optional)
4. The format of your travelogue is not critical, you can have it in story form, or a simple list of the facts.

Scroll down for answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

  • Does the first half of the trip to pick up my Camp-Inn count towards my total? Sorry, but no. Unless you are ‘hauling’ your Camp-Inn it just doesn’t make sense to count those miles as part of the Total Miles.

  • I took several trips before you guys came up with this BRILLIANT idea, (you guys are SO smart), do all those miles qualify? If we were that smart, we would have thought of this, years ago! Yes, those miles count, as long as they were in your Camp-Inn.

  • I don’t have meticulous records of every mile I traveled, is that a problem? We aren’t the IRS, we will take your word for it. We expect this to be an approximation.

  • I didn’t check the odometer when I left home, how do I tell how many miles I went? Take the trip again then multiply by 2! Or, you can use a map or Google maps to figure out the miles traveled when you get home.

  • I put on 20 miles going back home 3 times for stuff I forgot to pack, does that count? Unlike the “Long Haul” pin, those miles do count toward your 25,000 Miles Total.

  • I didn’t take any pictures on my trips is that a problem? Draw or paint a few pretty pictures... We would prefer to see a few pictures...if you have them to share.

  • How many pictures should I submit? How long is a piece of string?

  • We shipped our Camp-Inn to Australia because we wanted to try a real vegemite sandwich while camping. Do the miles by ship count? Yes, so long as you traveled on the same ship as your Camp-Inn, no fair flying. (This has actually been done before, but it was by ferry to Alaska)

  • We have gone over 60,000 miles already. How many pins do we get? Only one. For now, we only have a 25,000 mile pin. If demand is high enough, we hope to make 50,000 and 100,000 mile pins.

  • My husband and I traveled together, do we get two pins? Sorry, only one pin is awarded. If you need a second one for your husband or to mount on your trailer, we will charge a small fee for the second one. Otherwise, you are going to have to arm wrestle him for it.

  • I leave my trailer hooked to my car all the time. Do my commute-to-work miles count? Smart move! You have a kitchen to make lunch and can take a nap afterward. Take an alarm clock so you make it back to work on time. You have us on a technicality… So yes, these miles would qualify.

  • I took a side trip to see the double-decker outhouse in Gays, IL. (my Camp-Inn stayed at the campground) Do those miles count? Yes. Side trip miles count as long as you are on a bigger trip.

  • I got lost looking for the “Mystery Spot.” Do those miles count? Yes they count. Don’t think of it as getting lost, think of it as finding alternate destinations. Sometimes getting lost is the best way to find stuff.

  • My teardrop is not a Camp-Inn. Can I still get a pin? Yes, but there will be a $10,000 processing fee. You will get the pin and a free Camp-Inn Teardrop.

  • Are these rules hard and fast? We don’t think they are all that hard. And as for fast… they are just sitting here, unless of course you are scrolling, then the fastness depends on you!