Teardropping Tips

Teardrop Trailer
Camp-Inn Teardropping Tips
This page is dedicated to tips and tricks to make your Teardrop travels more fun and less effort. If you have a trick or tip that works for you, please email it to us and we will include it here. These tips will apply to most Teardrop owners, not just owners of Camp-Inns.

TIP 1: To determine what is necessary to take with you, put a piece of masking tape on every item. When you use each item, remove the tape. After a few trips consider leaving home any item that still has the tape on it.

TIP 2: Bedding:
  • A-twin size comforter and/or blanket will fit well. Anything larger tends to be too bulky to tuck in.
  • Using a queen-size fitted sheet and a full-size flat sheet works well. The full-size flat sheet allows about a 10" overhang on both sides of the bed, which can easily be tucked in. If you choose to use a queen-size flat sheet instead, there will be about a 15" overhang on both sides of the bed.
  • On all models, an easy way to make the bed and keep the sheets in place is to sew the bottom of the flat sheet to the bottom of the fitted one. This is done just like waterbed sheets. Line up the centers of the bottom ends of the fitted and flat sheets. Then pin them together and machine stitch the two sheets together, sewing only between the two elastic corners of the fitted sheet . If you sew onto the elastic corners of the fitted sheet, you will tear both the stitches and sheets when you try to put them on the mattress.
  • TIP 3: Placing pieces of cloth between pots and pans will reduce scuffing and scratching of your cookware.

    TIP 4: For your cooler, try wrapping a towel from the top, around the back and underneath when you put it into the storage area on the countertop. You can pull on the bottom of the towel to assist sliding the cooler out. It will also add insulation and reduce scuffing of the stainless countertop.

    TIP 5: In cooler weather, you will get condensation on the windows. Roll up a small towel and place it between the curtains and the windows. This will absorb excess condensation that might otherwise drip onto you at night. Remove the towels in the morning. Opening side windows, sunroof or roof vents slightly will help reduce condensation.

    TIP 6: When cooking in windy weather, try opening the counter lids to shield the stove from wind on all sides.

    TIP 7: Need to hit the road but your towels are still wet? Make a clothes line to fit between the cabin coat hooks. Pin your damp towels, clothes, etc. Open the side windows and roof vent a crack. After about 20 minutes of driving all will be dry. Use 1/8" Nylon rope and tie a loop at each end or make one large loop that will make it two strands. Make it taut but easily removable without untying.

    TIP 8: The under-mattress storage is a great place to store items that are necessary but not always needed like Rain gear, Cold weather gear, Road flares, Emergency rations, Extra extension cords, or 2nd set of car keys, just to name a few.

    TIP 9: You should always bring cold-weather gear, (jacket, long pants, cap, gloves) even in the summer. An altitude change, weather change, or camping near water can drop the temperature dramatically.