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NEW for 2022:
  • Downloadable User Manual -
    Updated for 2022! This new version has 73 pages of useful information. A copy of the users manual comes with every new Camp-Inn trailer. If you lost yours, you can also order a paper replacement from our online store. Click Here - to download PDF for Free.
  • NEW for 2021:
    Roof Mounted Solar -
    Available on Raindrop 560s. Camp off-the-grid with a Custom-Designed Sunflare brand, roof top mounted, solar panel on your Raindrop 560. We designed this panel to optimize the space and maximize the power. With 126 watts of power, you can run your DC refrigerator, CPAP machine, and recharge your battery, even on overcast days. Mounting this thin flex-panel directly to the roof maintains the clean styling lines of the Raindrop body. This is the hassle-free way to do solar, no set-up or cables for you to run. This Option adds Solar panels and a CTEK solar controller.
    NEW for 2021:
    Bunduawn 360° (batwing) Awning -
    Available on Raindrop 560s. Ultimate for shade, the Bunduawn awning delivers maximum protection from searing sun and sudden showers.
    • Extends 8 feet to the sides and fans out over the galley area and trailer front, totaling 24 feet in length.
    • 192 square feet of coverage.
    • Tall enough to allow opening the gally hatch.
    • May be mounted on either side.
    • Designed in South Africa for safari use.
    NEW for 2021:
    Roadshower Water Heater -
    The solar powered RoadShower is your trusty sidekick for the convenience of pressurized water in the middle of nowhere. Its dependable attachment to your trailer allows you to roam freely. And, while you’re out having fun, the sun heats up the water in the tank. Check the thermometer and you can enjoy a hot sun powered shower, or blast off mac-n-cheese from campsite dishes.
    NEW for 2020:
    SlimShady Awning -
    Available on Teardrops or Raindrops. Made for the shade, the SlimShady awning delivers excellent protection from searing sun and sudden showers. Attached to your Roof Rack, it's super easy to use. The light, strong nylon canopy has a waterproof PU coating to shed rain and delivers 42 square feet of shady coverage on summer days. Roof rack Option required to mount Awning.
    NEW for 2020: Heavy Duty Roof Rack -
    Our burliest crossbar ever, great for rooftop tents.
    Available on Teardrops and Raindrops!
    The HD Bar is the one for heavy loads, rugged terrain and maximum utility. 250 lb capacity. Integrated tie-down points on endcaps make it easy to secure gear. T-slots top and bottom to easily add compatible Yakima gear mounts. Built to last—and look good doing it—with a durable black powder-coat finish.
    Available in 60”, 68”, 78” lengths. (60” bars are flush with the body sides).
    NEW for 2020: Streamlined Roof Rack -
    Yakima Roof Rack (JetStream):
    Available on Teardrops and Raindrops!
    Yakima's new aerodynamic roof rack system with clean lines and versatility. Creates a convienient area for hauling extra gear. Includes towers and trailer width load bars. Yakima makes a full line of accessories for mounting bikes, canoes, kayaks, skis, surf boards, baskets and cartop boxes. We can help you select a setup that will match your needs. 165 lb capacity.
    NEW for 2020-2021:
  • Downloadable User Manual -
    Updated for 2020! This new version has 72 pages of useful information. A copy of the users manual comes with every new Camp-Inn trailer. If you lost yours, you can also order a paper replacement from our online store. Click Here - to download PDF for Free.
  • NEW for 2019: New Product Line -
    Introducing the Road Toad!
    Built by Petenwell Ind. LLC, in partnership with Road Toad Campers LLC. The Road Toad is a new concept in teardrops. Built entirely of composite materials it is extremely light weight, as low as 400 lbs dry weight for a 5 foot wide teardrop. These teardrop weighs less, loaded with all your gear, than other teardrops are empty. Starting under $5500.
    Go to the Toad!
    NEW for 2019: GPS Tracker -
    A SPOT Trace GPS tracker may be installed in your camper so it can be recovered easily if it is stolen. (Let the police do the recovery!) The SPOT Trace GPS tracker sends a text/email message when new movement is detected. A GPS Asset tracker on your trailer can also be used for you to keep a record of your travels or you can give internet access to loved ones so they can keep track of your travel locations.
    NEW for 2019: CTEK Battery Charger/Controller -
    The CTEK D250S battery charger optimizes the regharging of your battery. It includes the functionallity of a battery isolator and a solar controller. The D250S DUAL automatically selects the best connected DC energy source (from tow vehicle or solar) for the purpose and switches between them to achieve high efficiency multi-stage charging.
    NEW for 2019: Trailer Mounted Brake Controller -
    With this Autowbrake brand brake controller installed in your trailer, it works with every tow vehicle. Great for families with multiple tow vehicles. (Electric Brakes- Standard, or Electric Brakes- w/Park Option required on trailer).
    NEW for 2018:
  • Downloadable User Manual -
    Updated for 2018! This new version has 70 pages of usefull information. A copy of the users manual comes with every new Camp-Inn trailer. If you lost yours, you can also order a replacement from our online store. Click Here - to download PDF.
  • NEW for 2018: Trailer Builder -
    Try our Trailer Builder web page to to walk through the order process, setting up a SAMPLE ORDER for a trailer. This is an easier way to view all the Options and Accessories in a step by step guided process. At the end, you will be able to do one of the following:
  • Print the Sample Order sheet
  • Save Sample Orders to compare
  • Email a Sample Order with questions to Camp-Inn for review
  • Place an Actual Order
  • NEW for 2018: Yakima Skyrise Roof Tent -
    Mount on your Raindrop or Teardrop to increase sleeping room. Light, strong, and technically advanced. The 210D nylon is light and breathable with mesh panels for ventilation and star gazing. The weather-shedding rainfly has a waterproof PU coating and for warm, clear evenings, leave it off for a faster set-up and a wide-open view. Trailer must have roof rack option installed. Bed Size: 54" x 96" 2.5" Mattress, Ladder included, Easy to pitch. (Tent may be mounted on car too.)
    NEW for 2018: Travel Cribbage Board -
    Amazing spiral travel cribbage board with card deck and peg storage built in. A complete game...Just grab this set and go!
    Start the game on opposite sides of the spiral and race inward to the center hole! Two lanes for two players or four people playing teams. The back of the board has a unique door design that opens to reveal storage for a standard deck of cards and two pockets for peg storage. Made of solid maple wood with birch plywood doors. A GREAT gift for that cribbage lover on the go! This is Craig's new Patented design. Available in our online store or order one with your trailer. .
    NEW for 2018: Daily Tips -
    On our "Home Page" there is a button below the main picture for "Teardrop Tip of the Day." Going there will give you a new teardrop tip every day. Old tips will show for about 10 days, so visit at least once a week to make sure you don't miss a tip. Also, on our "Teardrop Tips" page you will find an extensive collection of useful tips, available every day.
    NEW for 2018: Drop-Front Desk cabinet -
    This cabinet upgrade adds a drop-front desk in the middle. Great for holding your laptop or tablet for working or watching movies. The Drop-front door doubles as a picture frame. Comes with your choice of a collage picture mat. ...As much storage as our original lower cabinet but so much better.
  • Go to our "Models-Options" pages in the "Drop-Front Desk" section for pictures of available picture frame designs and mat styles and colors.
  • NEW for 2018: Laser Engraved Cabinet Doors -
    Add a personalized touch by laser engraving your kitchen cabinet door. Choose from several stock designs or add your own custom image or quote or saying. You can order an engraved door with your camper, in the "Kitchen Door" section of our Models-Options page.
  • Or, if you already have a Camp-Inn trailer... Go to our "Online Store" and order an engraved picture which will replace your original door.
  • NEW for 2018: Picture Frame Doors -
    Convert the kitchen cabinet door into a picture frame. Several frame designs to choose from. You can order these picture frames with your camper, in the "Kitchen Door" section of our Models-Options page.
  • Or, if you already have a Camp-Inn trailer... Go to our "Online Store" and order a picture frame which will replace your original door. Picture Mats are also available to add a splash of color.
  • 900th Camp-Inn Built and ready to ship!
  • Click Here - for more milestone pictures.




  • NEW for 2017: Radio Option -
    Add a sound system to your Camp-Inn trailer. Add speakers in the kitchen and cabin and a flexible side mount antenna. The speakers are selectable with an A-B switch to play Kitchen, Cabin, or Both. Unit is Bluetooth compatable and will connect to your smartphone. USB and Aux inputs. Add optional art deco speaker grills, power antenna, XM Radio, or Remote Control.
    NEW for 2017: Trimetric Battery Monitor -
    Add the TriMetric TM-2030-RV option to monitor your battery charge and usage. Accurately measures battery % full, charging or discharging watts and battery voltage. Much more accurate than using voltage alone to determine level of battery charge. Go to for more details on the functionality of this unit.
    NEW for 2017:
  • Downloadable User Manual -
    Updated for 2017! Did you lose your User Manual or use it for starting a campfire? Don't worry, now you can download a PDF copy to put on your computer or Kindle or Nook. This new version has over 65 pages of usefull information (and at least one page of useless information). You can also order a replacement "Fire-Starter" version from our online store. Click Here - to download PDF.
  • NEW for 2016:
  • Redesign of Electrical and Plumbing-
    At first glance, there weren't many changes for 2016, but we did a complete redesign of the electrical and plumbing. The electrical redesign added USB outlets in the Kitchen, Cabin, and Front Storage Compartment.
  • Also added were a 12VDC outlet and a 120VAC outlet to the Front Storage Compartment. Now you have 120VAC, 12VDC and USB outlets everywhere you need them.
  • We added cord pass-throughs in the cabin cabinetry so you can put your electrical devices anywhere you want them.
  • We added several more fuse circuits to simplify fuse replacement if needed.
  • Both the plumbing and electrical were simplified to make future service simpler, if it is ever necessary.
  • 800th Camp-Inn Built
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  • NEW for 2015
  • Sink Cover / Cutting Board -
    Increase your usable counter space by adding this sink cover that doubles as a cutting board. The cover is contoured to snugly fit the sink opening for stable use. Made from HDPE (high density polyethylene), it is FDA, NFS, and USDA approved material. Two sizes available to fit either the current sink size or the original sink.
  • NEW for 2015:
  • Under-Counter Trays -
    Make your under-counter storage even more useful with a tray or two. These trays nestle into the under-counter storage areas and are easily removeable to access what you store below. Each tray comes with three dividers and numerous slots so you can configure your storage to fit your needs.
  • NEW for 2015
  • Table Extension -
    Offset the main folding table to make more room in front of the sink. Our table extension is made to easily slide and lock into place and can be removed just as easily. The table may be used with or without the extension as your needs dictate.
    Not for use with side cooler stand
  • NEW for 2015:
  • Leather Couch -
    Elegance and simplicity make this leather sofa a great place to read a book or sip a glass of wine. Choose from imported Italian leather in either a Vintage or Glazed finish. When you order this Option, you will be sent a sample kit to help you select the color and finish.
  • 700th Camp-Inn Built
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  • NEW for 2015
  • Back-Up Light / Flood Light -
    High-Intensity LED Lights illuminate the area behind your trailer to help you back into tight spots at night. The Back-Up Light is wired through the trailer's 7-prong electrical connector so it is automatically activated when you put your tow vehicle in reverse. Tow vehicle must be properly wired.

    The light illuminates an 160 degree area behind the trailer so you can also see what is on either side.

    A switch, hidden behind the license plate, allows you to turn the back-up light into a Flood Light! Use this flood light to illuminate the campsite or for late-night set-up. The Flood light is mounted low and pointed downward so it illuminates the ground and reduces shining in your eyes. Flood light mode may be used if your tow vehicle is not wired for back-up lights

  • NEW for 2015:
  • Bamboo Paneling -
    For organic earth-tones, upgrade the interior and kitchen of your trailer with Bamboo Paneling. The honey color of the bamboo complements the light birch interior and hatch framework. Replaces the original oak paneling.
    Available on ALL Models.
    Click Here - for more info.

  • NEW for 2014
  • Pet Cover -
    Protect the Raindrop couch cushions with this Pet Cover. Special fabric actually ATTRACTS pet hair. Easily installs with elastic and velcro. Easily removable for washing.

  • NEW for 2013:
  • Mahogany Paneling -
    For a richer, luxurious look, upgrade the interior and kitchen of your trailer with Ribbon Stripe Mahogany Paneling. The rich deep red color of the mahogany is accented by the light birch interior and hatch framework. Replaces the original oak paneling.
    Available on ALL Models.
    Click Here - for more info.

  • 600th Camp-Inn Built
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  • NEW for 2013
    Cooler Cozy -
    Keep your cooler COOLER with our custom fit Cooler Cozy. Adds insulation for even longer ice life. Sized for 54qt. Coleman coolers. Top zips shut to seal in the cold and has a plastic bottom for durability. It even has flaps to cover and insulate the lifting handles.
    Not for use with AC/DC refrigerators
    NEW for 2012:
  • Downloadable User Manual -
    Did you lose your User Manual or use it for starting a campfire? Don't worry, now you can download a PDF copy to put on your computer or Kindle or Nook. This new version has over 50 pages of usefull information (and at least one page of useless information). You can also order a replacement "Fire-Starter" version from our online store. Click Here - to download PDF.
  • NEW for 2012
  • Teardrop Shape Door Hinges for Ultra's -
    Now on all Ultra Models! This hinge has been requested for a long time. Since we have been unable to find a stock hinge that worked for us, we decided to make our own. Our custom teardrop-shaped hinges are solid stainless steel for long life and good looks.
    Request an upgrade if you are buying a Classic, Special or Base Model.
  • 500th Camp-Inn Built
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  • NEW OPTION for 2012:
  • Rain-Sensing Fantastic Fan -
    No more worrying about predicting the weather. Upgrade your Fantastic brand roof fan to detect rain and close automatically. When the sensor dries, the vent cover will re-open itself. A built-in manual knob can be used to close the dome in an emergency, to adjust the dome to a desired partially open level or to override the rain sensor.
  • Customer Awards
    Earn an award for using your Camp-Inn. Show that you have "Put in your time" or "Gone the distance."
    Experienced customers may already qualify!
  • Click Here - for information on how to qualify.

  • 400th Camp-Inn Built
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  • Side-by-Side Comparison Tool

    We have created a new tool on our web page to help you choose the trailer that is right for you. This tool allows you to select any two Models and do a Side-by-Side Comparison. The tool will list the feature differences between the two selected Models. Selecting one of the listed differences will display a detailed comparison for that feature.

    Click Here - to use the Side-by-Side Comparison Tool

    NEW for 2011

    For 2011, we have made some of our most popular Options part of the Model Package. The following items have been added and are now Standard for those Models:


  • Folding Dining Table
  • Cooler Stand: Ultra
  • Fantastic Roof Fan
  • 72ah Battery
  • Water Tank Level Monitor
  • Interior Upper Cabinet W/Doors
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • LED Tail Lights


  • Folding Dining Table
  • Cooler Stand: Ultra
  • Fantastic Roof Fan
  • 72ah Battery
  • Interior Upper Cabinet W/O Doors
  • Fire Extinguisher


  • Stainless Countertop
  • Folding Dining Table
  • Cooler Stand
  • Fantastic Roof Fan
  • 72ah Battery
  • Interior Upper Cabinet W/O Doors
  • Interior Lower Cabinet W/Doors
  • Lined Curtains
  • AC Outlets
  • DC Outlets
  • Shore Power Connector
  • 6 amp Automatic Charger

    BASE MODELS Added:

  • Stainless Countertop
  • Roof Vent

    Due to lack of popularity (we only sold one of each) we are discontinuing the 500 Ultra and 500 Classic Models.

  • NEW for 2011
  • Hi-Lo Mirror -
    Conveniently attached to the hatch, this mirror adjusts to two heights and stows neatly.



  • New for 2010/2011: Now Standard on all Special, Classic and Ultra Models:
  • Ultra models have a new upper cabinet face with doors for secure storage of your items.



  • Adding AC option modifies the cabinet face configuration slightly.




  • Classic models have the same new upper cabinet face but without the doors. (Doors may be special ordered as an upgrade)




  • NEW for 2010/2011
  • LED Tail Lights -
    Now standard on all Ultra models. For added safety and longer bulb life.



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    Yes, we have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century...Ok, maybe not kicking....

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    Or search for Camp-Inn on Facebook and become a "Fan" (we know you are already a fan, but Facebook doesn't know it yet).

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    NEW for 2010 Option
  • Water Tank Level Monitor -
    No need to guess how much water is left in your tank!
  • This option tells you at the push of a button. Monitors levels in both your fresh water and gray water tanks.
  • This monitor also allows checking of your battery status with a Low, Fair, Good or Charging readout.
  • New for 2010: Now Standard on all Classic and Ultra Models:
  • New Faucet - We are very excited about this new faucet! It swings side-to-side and pivots up and down for almost unlimited movement of the spout. Our new faucet has ceramic seals for smooth operation. This is a marine-grade faucet for years of service.
  • Sink Backsplash - We have added a stainless steel backsplash surrounding the sink area to protect the cabinets and speed clean-up. (Why didn't we think of that before?!)
  • A faucet upgrade kit will soon be available for most 2009 and earlier Camp-Inns. Contact us for info.
  • Spare Propane Adapter - No more worries about running out of propane half-way through making breakfast! This adapter allows you to spin on a 1 pound disposable propane tank in place of the propane tank on the tongue.

  • Volt Meter - Monitor your battery's charge level when you are camping off-grid. This meter has a digital voltage readout and low - med - charging indicator lights to show the battery state at a glance.

  • Water Sprayer Hose - Hook up our sprayer to the output spigot on the LP/City water hookup. Just like at home, use for washing dishes or rinsing vegetables. The hook-up end will attach to our output spigot, the end of a garden hose, or any water spigot. (for use with Water/LP Hookup below)
  • NEW for 2010 Option
  • Solar Hookup - Camp off the grid! Recharge your battery or run accessories when you connect a solar panel (up to 140w) to your Teardrop or Raindrop. This Option adds a built-in Morningstar 12V SunSaver-10, solar controller and external connector for plugging in your solar panel.
  • Solar panel is NOT included! Since everyone's idea of an adequately sized solar array is different, we leave the selection of the solar panel up to you.
  • This controller will allow use of up to 140 Watt (10 amp) solar panels.
  • If you simply want to trickle charge your battery, a 1-10 watt panel will do. For more aggressive charging, we recommend a 50-80 watt panel.
  • We do not mount solar panels to our trailers because it wouldn't be at the optimum sun-angle and you will probably want to park your trailer in the shade (if any is available).
  • Click Here to go to Morningstar's web page to see more info about the SunSaver-10 controller.

    Inset picture shows external connector at the rear of the trailer.
    Solar panel is NOT included in Option.
  • New for 2010 Option
  • Handicap Access - We have built a few of these as special-order and now have decided to make it an official option. This option adds grab bars to the cabin area of the trailer.
  • 560 Raindrop- adds three grab bars to the ceiling of the cabin. One bar is positioned over each side door for easy transfers into or out of the trailer. A bar in the center of the ceiling helps for movement around the cabin and into the couch.
  • 500/550 Teardrop- adds one grab bar above each side door for easy transfers.
  • Camp-Inn Teardrops and Raindrops are excellent choices for someone in a wheelchair. There are no steps or narrow doorways to navigate and the kitchen is at ground level. A side entrance tent will protect your chair at night.
  • Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about how these trailers will work for you.
  • Other New Options -We are in the process of developing several new options and features. Check here regularly for our new updates.