550 Special Teardrop

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550 Special:
550 Special Features
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  • The 550 Special is designed for those who like to "rough it" just a little. Built without a stove or sink, the 550 Special saves weight as well as cost. If you like cooking over an open fire, or already have all the cooking and camp cleaning equipment you need, maybe the Special is for you.
  • The Special also saves weight by removing the front storage box at the front of the trailer. This saves weight from the removed structure as well as less gear stowed. Without the propane tank, and the front storage, the tongue weight is much lower than our more equipped models. This is ideal for smaller tow-vehicles.
  • Like the Classic and Ultra 550s the 550 Special still has the distinctive front windows, the two teardrop shaped side doors, and the sweeping stainless steel fenders. The Special uses the same quality of materials with a more traditional teardrop configuration.
  • If you like the Special, but want to add back the front storage, the stove or the sink, just ask. We can make the Special match your camping style.